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RP: It's only a dream. [Mar. 19th, 2007|03:12 pm]
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Date: November 24, 1976
Characters: Dedalus Diggle
Status: Private
Summary: Life was NOT a Cabaret right now for Dedalus.
Completion: Complete!

There was chaos all around him. The back stage was dim lighted. The only source was the bulbs adorning the mirror frames and the glitter floating in the air, dancing with feathers gone astray. Boas, tights, garters, top hats, cloaks, jester hats - all were flooding the back stage and his players were drowning in the large ocean of colorful costumes and make up. There was a show starting in two minutes and everyone was a mess of colors. People were frantically searching for hairpins and commands were being shouted across the room.

Dedalus was not too worried though. They always managed to come through in the end and shine like stars on that stage. He was proud of his performers. They worked hard these past few weeks and their shows last weekend were great; all were fit for the big leagues, especially her.

It was his favorite number and it also happened to be the opener. He always made sure he was right on stage left during the song, concealed by the curtain as she began. At first, laying across the top of a grand piano while Ted played the first few keys and was accompanied by a few brass players in the pit. The center of attention sat up slowly, red hair bouncing, and began to sing.

Wait a minute. This was new.

Dedalus did not remember that in rehearsal and she was continuing on as if everything was normal.

It was at this point that Dedalus realized she was not wearing a dress. She lept off the piano and pulled off her satin robe to reveal an outfit that should have been reserved for her bloody wedding night.He was not positive if he liked how she winked at Ted.

The tempo of the song picked up a bit as well as her pace. She was swaying to the music, singing, and shining like never before. The crowds' feet were stomping and fingers were snapping. Dedalus knew he should let this sudden change slide by for just this once, but it was bothering him. Why couldn't she keep things the way they were?

Her song ended on a long note. The crowd was very impressed and in an uproar. Cheering while she exited stage left - his side. She passed Dedalus without a second glance. Her cheeks were flushed, hair a small mess, and she was breathing hard. A wonderful sight of victory, but something was nagging Dedalus.

"What was that?" He said, grabbing her arm. The next performer was already up; Frank was a great comedian. The crowd will love him. Dedalus had no worries with any of his performers, except one. "You didn't stick to the routine."

His little star scoffed. She tried to pull away, but Dedalus's grip was tight. Dedalus was going to make sure she went nowhere until she spoke up. She knew that. Such a fiery gal...Dedalus had seen a lot of red heads and he happened to catch the queen bee.

"Dedsies, your old routine was dragging on," She tried to argue in a harsh whisper. "I'm just trying to spice things up. what's wrong?"

Dedalus knew what was exactly wrong. It was how he put it that mattered. This red head was a sensitive one. "How long have you been working with Tonks?"

"What?" She barked back. What a shame. The girl looked like an angel.

"How long?"

"Why are you so worried? I'm not a little girl, Dedsies. You let Frank do whatever he damn well pleases. I wanted to do something different for once. So, what?" She was on fire again like a sun on stage and Dedalus was her audience. "You know you can't give me the boot, Dedsies. You need me out there and just want it ALL safe, but bloody Hell - I don't want to be."

"That's not true! I - " Dedalus licked his lips. What to do? What to say? She had a way with leaving him tongue tied. "Em - "

"Forget it. I'm leaving." She mustered up all her strength and broke free from his grip. "Find yourself another floo - "

Dedalus cut her off, grabbing her arm again and pulling her close. His fingers ran through her damp, red hair. A moment was all he needed. She could be distracted for a moment and look at her! Wide eyed, mouth opened, and her face flushed. (Definitely not due to her exhilarating performance.) She most likely hated his guts, but Dedalus wanted to make the final move. The final point to come across before the curtains closed.

He kissed her and the audience went wild. Frank's show was done, but Dedalus's and Emmeline's had just begun.


"AGH!" Dedalus sat up in bed. Everything was so dark. He heard a few boys grumble, shift, and another snoring loudly. There were no feathers, glitter, or bright lights. He was in his dormitory room. Emmeline was in her own bed. There was never a kiss.

Oh Merlin.

It was then that Dedalus realized something Very Odd was occurring. Something that could not be controlled no matter how very much he would like to sometimes. Why, oh why did this happen NOW?

That bloody kiss.

"Bugger," Dedalus swore under his breath as he got out of bed. "Bloody fucking - argh!"

He had a feeling he was not going back to bed as he left his dormitory room and headed for the showers.