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RP: All your wangsts are belong to us. [Mar. 30th, 2007|09:39 pm]
The Shoebox Project RP Community
Date: 29th November 1976
Characters: Em and Dedsies
Status: Private.
Summary: After the events of the party, Em is out by herself, wangsting. Or, well. So she thinks.
Status: Incomplete

Em stared out at the lake. It was far after-hours and she was well-aware of the fact, but for some reason she didn't care. She also didn't care about the fact that it had just rained out and that the grass was still wet and thereby getting her pants wet. Leaning against the tree trunk of the oak right by the lake, she stared up at the moon and its reflection in the surface of the water. Only some crickets were still chirping. Save for that, the night was quiet.

She just wanted the dreams to stop and forget about Dedalus and what had happened. They hadn't talked much lately and it was making her upset... more upset than she wanted to admit. Talking to Lily was out of the question, as she'd most likely just be told that she was looking at the situation in an absurd, unreasonable way and needed to reevaluate where her priorities stood, particularly where Dedalus stood on that list of priorities.

Em wasn't ready to think about that. God, she'd barely discovered that she... even admitting it she had issues with. This whole situation was ridiculous. She just wanted things back to normal. If that meant that she couldn't get Dedalus, then so be it.

[User Picture]From: dedsies
2007-04-03 11:51 pm (UTC)
Hogwarts was always...an enjoyable place. Dedalus would be a liar if he said he hated the whole bloody castle. Sure, classes were always boring and he basically never paid any attention in them, but outside of classes it was still FUN. It was the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH besides Emmeline's house. It was...a home away from home and if that was what the founders had in mind, then they did a good job creating the school.

However...people cannot always be at home. People need time off. Holidays in order to collect thoughts and clear the head before going back to life at home. That was Dedalus that night. Tossing and turning in his bed until his mattress became foreign to him. Every thread, every spring, every pillow, and every blanket was too worn in and too impersonal. He wanted out; that escape that people needed now and then. It did not faze him that it was so late in the evening and he was getting dressed as if he were going on a Hogsmeade trip. Dedalus topped it all off with his favorite purple top hat and headed out the Ravenclaw common room.

He did not know where he was going or what he was doing. There was a hall way and he was following it. Then there was another hall way and he was following that. Dedalus went where ever his feet took him and his feet took him right to the grounds. The grass was still soggy from the rain and the air was filled with mist and he should be in a nice, warm bed catching up on lost sleep, but...he did not WANT to.

Some seers would ramble on about psychic connections between two close humans. A person, completely unaware, channeling another person's thoughts and...well, Dedalus was never a fan of Divination and thought it was ridiculous, but how anyone could explain how he found EMMELINE VANCE out of ALL THE GIRLS IN HOGWARTS outside by the lake was...beyond him.

How often did girls take NIGHTLY STROLLS by the LAKE on the edge of WINTER happen?

"Um." He was not sure why he was making his presence known. She looked like she wanted to be alone and for once, Dedalus ought to do as she said, but - she never said anything, did she? Dedalus was only assuming things again. Call it wishful thinking, but maybe she WANTED to be found. Dedalus was not stalking her. This was a complete accident and he only assumed that she wanted to be alone, but so far Dedalus's assumptions had gotten him in trouble and - Bugger this.

"Lovely moonlight, hm? Suspecting any werewolves to stop by and pick you up?"
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From: emmmsies
2007-04-04 01:04 am (UTC)
She'd been thinking... about all sorts of things, until she was jolted out of her reverie as she heard someone clear their throat behind her. Oh, great. Someone caught her out after-hours. Turning to see who was about to give her an earful, whether it was Lily, or Filch, or someone similar, she paused.


Letting out a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding, Em looked at the ground. "Might be nice," she muttered under her breath, turning back to look out over the lake.

"You, er, might not want to sit down in the grass. It's still damp from that shower earlier," she said, still not looking at him, and still very aware of the fact that she was sitting in said grass and just... didn't care enough to get up or... not sit down in the first place. This was her time to think and be emo, so what if she got wet?

... and down came a drop of rain on her arm. Hmmm. Looking up at the sky, another one fell on her forehead.

Oh well.
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[User Picture]From: dedsies
2007-04-14 02:45 am (UTC)
Emmeline was not throwing any rocks at his head nor did she tell him to sod off. This was a nice start. She did not even sound bitter! Did she know this was Dedalus Diggle in her presence? She must know. Dedalus had latched himself onto her arm for so many years now. It was hard to not recognise his voice. Hopefully.

This was another command, wasn't it? As much as Dedalus would like to plop down on the grass next to her, she didn't want him to. He had to oblige. He was trying to make a point. Dedalus sighed and settled for leaning against the tree instead though he could not help himself asking, "If it's so wet, why're you sitting down? I...could always lend you my coat, you know."
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From: emmmsies
2007-04-14 04:30 am (UTC)
"I know." She kept her eyes trained at the lake and the horizon, but, despite her best attempts, she couldn't keep herself from shivering, her hands wrapping around herself to grip onto her arms. It was cold. He was right. She should probably accept. Argh.

Licking her lips slowly, she finally looked up at him, lending him a small smile. "I've been having these dreams..." she shook her head, "...can't sleep. Didn't think it would be all that bad if I caught pneumonia or died or something from the cold. Anyway, a little cold and a little water won't hurt. Not made of sugar, and all that. Think it'll shower again."

More to the night, or herself, (anyone but Dedalus, really), she added, quietly, "I've been so confused lately."
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[User Picture]From: dedsies
2007-04-14 07:22 am (UTC)
He sighed. He could not help himself. Dedalus was a hopeless puppy doomed to trail Emmeline Vance for the rest of eternity. He took off his blazer and handed it to Emmeline. She was shivering! The poor girl. He could not leave her there with nothing, but the shirt on her back. Dedalus was attempting to win some brownie points here. This was a step in the right direction, right?

Haha, dreams. Dedalus sure had this share fair of those. He could never watch Cabaret again now. Confusion? Dedalus felt that everyday.

"Awh, don't die. Who'll be there to laugh at my jokes? The mirror's good company Em, but unfortunately it does not laugh back." He was slowly beginning to feel like his old self, but - wait - he could not go off on a rampage filled with impulsive decisions. That part of himself was not welcomed back. He took a deep breath. Be helpful. That was the right way to go.

He wanted to join her on the grass badly, but an order was an order. (Where was that dog collar now?)

"Confused? About sitting outside in the middle of the night on the wet grass? I'd be confused too."
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From: emmmsies
2007-04-14 08:04 am (UTC)
She couldn't help but smile at this sad attempt of humor. Sad just because it didn't fully reach her? Maybe. It would be hilarious if he was sitting there with his arm wrapped around her. But he wasn't.

And how could she even be thinking that? It was absurd. He didn't even like her!

"Thanks," she said, shivering again as she gratefully, albeit, a bit wearily, accepted his jacket, wrapping it around herself. "Won't you be cold?" she asked for a moment, before... barely certain she had heard herself say this out loud, "You know, you could just come sit next to me and we could huddle under your jacket together? You could come and be confused with me?"

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[User Picture]From: dedsies
2007-04-21 07:30 am (UTC)
His heart was beating faster at the invitation, but he had to calm down. She was just lonely, cold, and in need of a friend. Dedalus did not need to go getting his hopes up. He muttered under his breath, "Stop it!" before joining Emmeline on the grass.

Wet. Ick, but it was worth it. He was sitting next to his best mate again in the evening on wet, disgusting grass. Definitely worth it. If only the atmosphere was not so awkward.

He took off his jacket and wrapped it around Emmeline. She said they could share, but Dedalus did not mind the cold air so much. Well...actually he DID mind a little, but he was a good friend whose platonic love for her knew no limits.


"Sooo. ~ Comfortable?" He asked.
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