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RP: Time to get over the bum Hufflepuff! [Apr. 8th, 2007|09:53 pm]
The Shoebox Project RP Community
Date: November 30, 1976
Characters: Andromeda Black and Dedalus Diggle
Status: Private
Summary: SNOW. Dedalus + Andy + Snow = Not drunk snogging? WHO KNOWS?!


It was cold and icy and snowing and Andromeda could not have been happier. Snow could not have come at a better time. Snow meant ice skating and cocoa and snowball fights and snowmen and Christmas time! Snow meant fun and not having to think about that stupid Ted Tonks ruining perfectly good parties and kissing red heads. What? She wasn't bitter OR jealous. She barely thought about old whats-his-face-housemate-who-was-totally-NOT-perfect. Hah, he barely crossed her mind!

If by barely she meant about once every half a second.
And if by barely you meant she dodged through doorways and into bathrooms and ate all her meals in the Slytherin common room so she wouldn't have to look at him as much and then not think about him as much.... Then yeah, barely was the PERFECT word.

But now she could be distracted! Now she could make snow angels and ice skate and decorate and wrap presents, none of which had to involve him at all! And then when classes let out in three weeks or so she wouldn't have to look at him either. It was perfect. Snow was a sign that she needed to move on! So that's what she would do.

It was still snowing when Andromeda got out of Potions and headed for the grounds. She had dug up a very pretty scarf to go over her black jacket and felt very ready to look aloof and gorgeous if wossface Tonks showed up. Thankfully, he did NOT show up while she made her way to the lake and began putting her ice skates on. He certainly would not bother her out on the ice. He was to uncoordinated for ice skating.

She hoped?

[User Picture]From: dedsies
2007-04-10 11:21 pm (UTC)
Dedalus was not positive why he was out in the cold. It was snowing hard again. Any sane person would be inside drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book. Dedalus really did not want either actually; it was hot chocolate or snow and Dedalus wanted Spring to arrive already.

It was not fair. He used to love this weather, because of her. From standing out in the cold at night with more problems brought forth than fixed to standing out in the cold during the day with no one to bring these problems to. Everything was nonsense and Dedalus decided to join in. What better way to confuse things even more than to do the exact opposite of what he really wanted? So, here he was standing outside with nothing productive to do and nothing solved.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets and did a quick look over of the grounds. There was Mafalda Hopkirk with some giggling girls at the fountain. An unfortunate-looking Slytherin bloke was glaring at everyone with an equally unfortunate-looking bloke just a few feet away. There was only one other person worth Dedalus's time and it was a shame their last encounter was left...awkwardly.

Well, it was time to start setting things straight again. All this nonsense was giving him frostbite.

"Andy!" Dedalus called. He broke out into a run, stopping right by the frozen lake which Andromeda was laying on the grass next to. He looked down at her feet that were presently the center of her attention. Ah. Skates!


"Training for the Olympics?" He bit his lip, instantly regretting his muggle joke. She was part of the Black family. A whole bunch of pureblood extremists. Bugger.
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