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Based on the shoebox_project

Based upon the extraordinary story of the shoebox_project, this Marauder-Era Roleplaying game starts up with our foursome in their 7th year at Hogwarts. Mysterious things are starting to happen around Britain, with rumors flying about mysterious hooded figures causing unprecedented death and mayhem in the Wizarding world, while other rumors of some sort of “Order” are also being whispered about.

But, none of that seems to matter in the safe haven of Hogwarts, where the only thing students really have to worry about is the vindictive and blood-thirsty mistletoe waiting to pounce on unsuspecting hall roamers. New tests of friendships seem to be popping up everywhere for the Marauders—Remus is still trying to figure out exactly what that kiss meant between him and Sirius, James is still trying to, unsuccessfully, woo Lily, Sirius is retreating more and more into his moody self, and Peter is trying to grasp what exactly these new tests on their friendships mean for him. With a whole host of other dynamic and fiery characters, come see how Harry’s world was shaped by the actions of the Marauder generation.

One: This is a Marauder-Era Roleplay in the Marauder’s 7th year, right after Part Fifteen. The Roleplay is found only on LJ, with the exception that some chat-based roleplay might take place on special occasions. The rating of this RPG is “PG-15.”

Two: This is a shoebox canon community. This means that we follow the shoebox story very closely. This does not mean, however, that creative licenses aren’t being taking.

Three: Please keep all fighting “in character.” Real-life drama will not be tolerated and is means of expulsion from the community.

Four: New characters will be accepted only when most of the true canon characters have been taken. To see who we’re looking for, read under the “Characters” section below. If most of the main characters have been taken, please apply to the community via the application and explain, in-depth, about your character. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus, i.e. “perfect” characters will be accepted.

Five: JOIN US. All that is really required is a love and knowledge of the shoebox and Harry Potter world. Please fill out an application (found below). Once you've been accepted, you are required to create a journal (if you haven't already) within two days of your acceptance. Similarly, you are also required to request membership to BOTH communities within three days, as well as the watcher community if you so wish. If you do not follow this rule, we WILL take your name off of our member list and you will have to reapply. After you have settled in, please fill out the “New Member Survey” located below and post to the out-of-character journal ONLY, as well as the character survey to your character journal. It's important to post the New Member Survey, as it's where we get most of your personal and contact information from, and it allows the other members know you're new!

Six: To keep any community alive, you need involvement. We understand perfectly well that everyone has lives. But, taking up a character is a time commitment. Please plan on posting at least once a week. If you need to go on hiatus, please let one of the mods know by posting in the out of character journal, shoeboxooc. Hiatuses are taking on a case by case basis and only if they are within a reasonable time limit.

Seven: Please do not post out of character posts in the Roleplaying community. We’ve created an out of character community for the purpose of keeping our Roleplaying community clutter free and entirely dedicated to the Roleplay. To make sure you’ve read the rules, please put “Rocks have urges too . . .” in the subject line of the application so we know you’ve read the rules.

Eight: Each player can only play up to 3 characters max.

Nine: When filling out the application to join this community, please be descriptive. As of December 20th, all new players coming into the community are required to fill out the character survey (found below) and post it in their character journals as a way of getting to know the character yourself, as well as letting the community get a glimpse.

Ten: Make sure to keep your friend and buddy lists updated!

Eleven: Respect all characters and Mods. It is only a game, after all.

Twelve: HAVE FUN. xD

If you want to apply for a character, please fill out the application (found in the “Information” section below).

Reading the Character List

Italics - Italics means a character is currently on hold. The number in italics is how many people have holds on the character - this will be stated if it is 2 or more.
HG/HB - Head Girl/Head Boy
P - Prefect
SC - Student is a member of the Slug Club. Most of the Slug Club members are drawn from canon, though we've added a couple for good measure. Be creative with it!
Q – Students who are on the Quidditch team.
ALUM – Students are listed via House, but have since graduated since we’ve started our story.
OP - Future or current Order of the Phoenix member (none of the students have been made Order members yet)
DE - Future Death Eater (none of the students have been made Death Eaters yet)
NPC - Non Playable Character, will be played by the mods for plot purposes.
LINKED - Characters with a linked name have been taken. The link will take you to their journal.


Remus Lupin P
Sirius Black SC, Q
James Potter HB, Q
Peter Pettigrew
Lily Evans HG, SC
Alice Prewett Q
Franklin Longbottom Q
Gilderoy Lockhart Q

Slytherins (sub-categorized because there are SO MANY OF THEM)

7th Year Males

Evan Rosier DE, Beater
Severus Snape DE
Antonin Dolohov DE, Chaser
William Nott DE, Seeker
Rodolphus Lestrange DE, Beater

6th Year Males

Rabastan Lestrange DE, Keeper
Regulus Black DE, Chaser
Augustus Rookwood DE
Walden Macnair DE
Bartholomew Avery DE


Narcissa Black P, SC
Bellatrix Black DE, P, SC
Carmina Rosier
Ermine Parkinson Chaser


Rowan Applebaum P
Emmeline Vance
Mafalda Hopkirk
Dedalus Diggle


Modesty Rabnott P, Q
Ted Tonks
Barty Crouch Jr.
Andromeda Black

Hogwarts Staff

Professor Minerva McGonagall OP
Professor Dumbledore NPC, OP


Gideon Prewett OP
Molly Weasley OP
Marlene McKinnon OP
Lucius Malfoy DE

Wanted(Note, most are students so OP or DE are not listed as they aren’t affiliated yet).
Kingsley Shacklebolt Q (reserved)
Professor Slughorn
Professor Binns
Professor Flitwick
Professor Sprout
Madam Pomfrey
And ANY other Hogwarts Teacher
Fabian Prewett OP
Arthur Weasley OP
Caradoc Dearborn OP
Alice Jenkins
Hestia Jones
Dorcas Meadowes
Gladys Gudgeon
Amelia Bones
Bertha Jorkins
Ludovic Bagman
Sturgis Podmore
Benjy Fenwick
Amos Diggory
Eldred Worple
Gwenog Jones
Amycus Carrow
Mundungus Fletcher
Augustus Rookwood
And any other proven/theoretical Marauder/Trio-Era person.

Personal Journals are to be treated like diaries, where the character writes their thoughts about their day and major events happening in their lives. The entries should be written in first person,(I saw Snape today.) and the entries should never be out of character. Players may choose to post things like their class schedules or pictures of things. This could be anything - if it were an adult character, maybe they'd post a floor plan of their flat, or pictures of rooms in their homes, or even wardrobe, etc. etc. Anything you can think off. And on that note, if you think your character would be the type to keep a journal/diary (like Remus, NOT LUCIUS), you can feel free to write those sorts of posts there, too, under cuts and such, to keep things clean. Always try to keep these journals clean-looking, not messy. And keep the RP out, unless you're diarying!

The actual Role-Playing community should be treated like your writing in part a novel, always in third person, always in character, never use netspeak (OMG!!!11, WTFHEDWIG??,etc.) and never use emotion faces ( :), O_O, :P, etc.) That rule applies anywhere with the exception of the Out of Character community that will be listed at the “Information” below. The following format is what the main rpg uses for it’s threads:

The following is an example.

(Subject Line): RP (for roleplay, OWL if it's an owl, etc.): A conversation between Prongs and Pads.
Date: 25 December 1976
Characters: Sirius, James
Status: Public
Summary: Sirius is mad at James for spending too much time with Lily and not enough time harassing Snape.
Completion: Incomplete (After the conversation is complete, this will be changed).

Please put the post under a livejournal "cut." Only the information the Who/What/Where format stated right above should be outside the cut--the bulk of the post (i.e. the actual story, the prompt for the rpg thread) should be inside a cut.

The Out of Character community is mainly used so you can easily communicate with other Roleplayers and talk with the Moderator easier. Please also use this to let all of us know if you are in need of leaving us or if you are not available to RolePlay for a period of time.

Your community moderators are ethelreda and hymenchan.

The email for the community is shoeboxrpg [at] yahoo.com

The out of character journal is found at shoeboxooc.

The roleplaying journal is found at shoeboxrpg.

The watcher community is found at shoebox_watcher.

The link for continual updates from all communities as well as the personal journals can be found HERE.

Most of this information (and then some!) can be found under the memories of this community.

The application to join this community is (make sure you read all the rules!):

They can be emailed at shoeboxrpg@yahoo.com

The new member survey, to be filled out and posted at the out of character community is:

The Character sheet is to be filled out by every member and posted in their character journal:

For all Harry Potter questions, these are our two canon:
Harry Potter Lexicon and Our Holy Grail

The lovely layout code was provided by kikithepirate.


This community is a Marauders-era roleplay for characters based on shoebox_project, a Harry Potter fanfiction. J.K. Rowling owns the rights to the Harry Potter characters, while the lovely ladies (ladyjaida and dorkorific) who wrote the Shoebox Project inspired the characterizations.